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Can I do Pre-purchase fuel and return empty? ⛽️

Avax rent a car strives to provide transparent online service with user friendly booking engine. One of the most commonly mentioned topics by our clients is the fuel option. You may decide yourself if you want to pre-pay for the fuel at the pickup, or fill your car hire up yourself before returning the vehicle to the supplier, and here we advise how to do it. On the last step of booking process, you have Facilities options, and you can select Pre-purchase fuel and return empty. We will provide you full fuel tank and you can return fuel empty as possible, as there are no refunds for unused fuel.
This option comes in handy if your rental is longer and you will have limited time to go to the petrol station to fill in the car before returning it to the rental company. If you choose this option, you pay for the fuel at the pick-up time and return the car as empty as possible, as there are no refunds for unused fuel. As mentioned at the beginning, it is a good option to choose for a longer car hire, or at least when you know you will use the vehicle a lot.
This is our clients' favorite option, as you pay only for the fuel you actually use. With this fuel policy, vehicles are picked up with the full tank of fuel and need to be returned full as

Updated on: 25/08/2018

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