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How do I make a reservation? βœ…

Making a reservation is very simple.
There are several ways to do it. - Online: Visit our main page and use booking engine. Proceed the required steps and soon your reservation voucher will be sent to your e-mail box (max: 12 hours) usually 2min during working hours

Step 1:
Select your pickup/return locations and dates/time

Step 2:
Select your

Step 3:
Select Insurance type
You can choose online three possibilities: 1. START insurance, 2. MEDIUM insurance, 3. PREMIUM insurance. With START insurance we will block on your credit card the excess amount and that will be your maximum liability in our regards in case of scratches or damages. With MEDIUM insurance you partially protect yourself , but you are still liable for scratches or damages on wheels, undercarriage and glasses. With PREMIUM insurance you protect yourself for everything.

Step 4:
Select Extras

Step 5:
Enter you info and submit your request

Once you confirm reservation you will get pending info email. We will check car availability and based on car availability we will provide you confirmation or cancel e-mail containing the details of your reservation

Updated on: 09/04/2023

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