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I did not get my deposit back?

Any unused funds secured on your credit or debit card will be released when you return the car and could take up to 7 to 30 days to appear on your bank statement.

We will authorize the release of any excess Reserve upon the completion of your rental. Your debit/credit card issuer’s rules will apply to your account being credited for the excess, which may not be immediately available. Usually it is from 15 to 30 days. Please note that length of time is not determined by Avax rent a car.
Difference between Sale and Pre-Authorization For Sale we do take money from your account, because you are paying for the renting. For Pre-Authorization we don't charge your account, we do block it on your account. The Pre-Authorization process it can take maximum 30 days hold of your money.
Please, contact your bank and ask them why are they still holding your money. You can tell them that we as AVAX rent a car don't have any reason to take your money from the deposit.
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Updated on: 08/10/2020

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