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Do you record vehicle condition?📹

Our company policy is this: we are a customer at the time of booking, during and after the rental car rental. For us one of the most important aspects of customer experience is trust! Thanks to do Reel team we did implement mobile app that help us gain costumer trust.

Car rental damage means stress to us and you as customer, to avoid stress we did implement Reel App. With Reel we do share transparent vehicle condition details in a detail report combined with high-definition 360 video/ images of car damages and condition history.
With Reel we do provide you transparent well documented car condition report.

Vehicle condition report is 100% secure and transparent and share with you via email on begging of your rental and on return so you have all evidence.
With Reel we do move our service one step forward in transparency with clients, detail report combine with video and photo of car give you full trust in our service so you can enjoy in your trip with peace on mind.
Here is example of Vehicle Condition Report where all damages are marked on car diagram separately combined with detail images of each damage on car.

Updated on: 02/10/2020

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